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Western Massachusetts Master Gardener Association

Hitchcock Center for the Environment

The Hitchcock Center for the Environment offers programs for children and adults to encourage a greater awareness and understanding of the environment and to develop environmentally literate citizens. The gardens at HCE are used to teach children about the relationship between plants and insects.The Butterfly and Caterpillar Gardens were designed by Clivia Pasek, MG ’95, in 1998. She and Anne Cann, MG ’95, worked together to create both gardens.  The gardens have been maintained for the last several years by a small group of Master Gardeners and Interns under the leadership of Dotty Friel, MG ‘03.
A lot of the plants are native and are of either larval or nectar value to butterflies. The upper garden is in the shape of a butterfly with stone paths for the body and dividing the upper and lower parts of the butterfly’s wings. The original caterpillar garden was in the shape of a caterpillar, but is now broken up by paths so it can be maintained it more easily.The accompanying picture, taken in the beginning of June 2013, shows the butterfly garden in the front and the caterpillar garden in back with a lovely Buddleia alternifolia in full bloom. The garden at this time is full of blue and purple flowers.
For more information about specific plants, here are two lists compilied by Clivia:


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