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Master Gardeners Remember Their Training Days


Jodi C., MG '99

Jodi Cahillane

Why did you decide to become a Master Gardener?

I was always interested in gardening. We had just moved to Western Massachusetts and I worked part time from home while caring for our two-year-old. I wanted to get a deeper knowledge of gardening and make new friends.


 What did you like best and least about the training?

I liked the format of meeting once a week and learning from many different knowledgeable people and I enjoyed the camaraderie of students. The only thing negative was in that winter of 1999, it always seemed to snow on class day and our carpool from the Berkshires got a bit stressed out by that. We still made the best of it and made every class though!


Did you love or hate the 60 Intern hours? Loved the 60 intern hours. It was the perfect introduction to all the programs WMMGA was and could be involved in.


What do you now like best about being a Master Gardener? I like having that connection to the process of garden problem-solving. I use it in my work as a representative in customer service at Ward's Nursery and Garden Center. I know what's happening in the gardening community and in horticulture. I can help people with confidence.


What is your favorite Master Gardener Volunteer Activity? I would say working the hotline although my schedule has not allowed it lately.


What would you tell someone contemplating applying for our MG training?

If you enjoy gardening and want to know more about the hows and whys of good gardening, the master gardener training is an excellent way to dive in and get real experience. Be ready to volunteer your time and expertise (besides your gardening knowledge). Don't worry about what you don't know but focus on learning what to do to find the answers.




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