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Master Gardeners Remember Their Training Days


Joe Whithead, MG '13

Joe Whithead

Why did you decide to become a Master Gardener? Always luv'd gardening. Mostly grew toms and peppers for salsa. Knew there was soo much more and also luv helping people help themselves. and being able to witness the results.


What did you like best and least about the training? Best? Was the teachers’ knowledge and passion of their specialty as well as the people I connected with.  Least? It was all good.


Did you love or hate the 60 Intern hours? 60 seemed like much but taught/allowed me to get involved right away to start learning. Now I pick and choose helping with what I like most as well as where help is needed and most appreciated.


What do you now like best about being a Master Gardener? It provides balance in my life with a whole different set of friends of different walks of life who I would have never met.


What is your favorite Master Gardener Volunteer Activity? Meeting the people at different events. Talking and seeing their excitement as we learn along together.  


What would you tell someone contemplating applying for our MG training? Yes




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