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An Update on This Year's Activities
By Elaine Hyde
Posted on 8/25/2016 8:28 AM
Dear Gardeners and Friends,
Our Community Garden plots are limping along despite heat and drought... thanks to the dedicated efforts of a handful of volunteers, who come several times a week to water and give TLC.  We have harvested a good crop of early cabbages (Golden Acre), and string beans, yellow and green.  Tomatoes are ripening, peppers look good, and we have harvested our garlic (small), and many bunches of Sweet Basil for the Survival Center.
Rain totaling 2 1/4 inches on our gauge last week was very welcome, and we are thankful for stray showers, but we need much more to fill our water-depleted soil reserves.  The drip irrigation in our raised beds is literally a drop in the bucket, since we can only run it during the 2 hours we are there, and have to share the hose with others.  But every little bit helps, and our raised beds are doing better than any of the others, probably due to the large amount of organic matter we've incorporated into their soil.
Days are getting noticeably shorter now, on both ends, and we will soon stop our Thursday evening garden visits.  Mondays will be from 9 to 11 AM for September and October until frost. 
Old friends, we miss you - please stop by when you can!     
Elaine & crew


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