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Garden Design: Soil, Site and Self

It certainly feels as though summer is just about here in Western Massachusetts.  Today’s thunderstorm looked and smelled just right.  Yes, this spring we are having rain, unlike last year that became a drought. Remember the promises we made to garden smarter this year? Hopefully in the last 9 months you have increased the health of your soil, looked at your site to be sure you have the right plants for that location, and looked at yourself and how much you can give to your garden. With your analysis of your Soil, Site, and Self, it is time to move forward to creating a better garden for 2017.  This month we give you one more Soil, Site, and Self topic.  Our Soil article takes a look at watering our garden using age old methods from desert environments, and devising better watering methods for today. Our Site article takes a look at Friends in the Garden, how we can work with our natural buddies to get the better of the few garden foes.  Our Self article describes Plant Health Care and how we can become better observers in our gardens to get ahead of any problems before they become big problems.

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